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The 3D Practice Range is now back up and running and we have moved it to follow along the same path as the new Field Archery Range that is under construction.  We have done this so that we can still offer a variety of shooting scenarios, allow our members to experience both field and 3D targets at the same time once the Field Range is completed, and this also allows for the absolute most effective way to provide the safest course for both without having to limit one or the other.


          The 3D targets will begin on target #2 of the Field Range, so you will be able to park by the pavilion and the last 3D animal will be on target #13.  We have done this so that we do not have any animals out in the open and visible from the main road in the hopes of limiting the likelihood that they might walk off.  We will continue to rotate animals on the 3D range so that we will have a variety to shoot at.

Please shoot no more than 2 arrows per person at each target.

You can walk thru as many times as you would like but please limit it to 2 shots per trip thru.


          We appreciate your understanding in the need for this change and also look forward to introducing all of our club shooters to a whole new slew of shooting lanes opened up by our very own Joe Crawford for the ASA State Qualifier we hosted in March.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Cowtown’s potential is in terms of new and exciting lanes.  Please contact me or another board member if you have any questions.





A little reminder of our range rules!












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